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Our environmentally friendly homes are far superior to any building materials used to build homes today. U-Build Green homes are stronger, easier to build and are more energy efficient.

Our structural insulated panel kits are superior to modular homes, manufactured homes, or double wide mobile homes and can be finished to look like log cabins and are much easier to build than log home kits or log cabin kits. 

We can also do most commercial prefabricated buildings. Our prefabricated buildings are strong, simple to build, energy efficient and are top quality. 

Designed for the Community Development
"For new construction, I don't think there's 
any reason to use anything but the pannel" 
        Norm Abram Host of "This Old House"

    You can build your own Beautiful Custom Green Home and saveTen$ of Thou$and$ of Dollar$
Save an average of $80,000 – just by following 
our program & without a General Contractor
U-Build Green's quality eco friendly homes feature pre manufactured structural insulated panels
U-Build Green's home kits featuring Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Over the last decade thousands of our energy efficient structures have been delivered across North America and abroad. We have developed a full range of models for the export market in all sizes and price ranges designed to be delivered by container and truckloads. If you require a specific size, it can easily be engineered. Our kits include the pre-insulated, pre-engineered shell of the home: 

The Exterior SIP Panel wall system come with all foundation plans, floor plans, manual/Installation guide & all other misc. components necessary to complete the shell.

Structural drawings as well as any necessary technical information for the components that we supply are included with each of our models for easy permit approval in any country in the world. 

The price includes full Factory Pre-cutting & Pre-fabrication and loading the container(s) with the home kits at the factory and warehouse facility on their way to the port of your choice. 

Once your crew has assembled the shell, the home would then be completed with the optional building components supplied. A trained crew with the skills to complete all aspects of this home is available to travel and train your crew should you require it. 

This fast and easy building system will replace all the exterior stick framing, the vapor barrier, the insulation, the inner and outer sheathing, & can save up to 60% of the time and labor that is required to build a conventional stick framed home and up to 90% of the time and skilled labor to build a traditional brick/stone/block/cement structure. 

These homes are not modular, doublewide, or manufactured homes. They are considered to be site-built; just like a “stick-built” house, they will last for generations. These homes and components are built and finished to North American quality standards; not to be confused with cheap eastern imports. 

Our packages have been designed for easy on-site assembly. They go on any type of foundation (normally a monolithic slab), and usually small models up to 75 sq mt in area go up in hours, with only three or four people to assemble them. You would then finish your home on the inside and the outside with local finishes or the optional supplied components. 

Our Home Kits have been engineered to minimize energy consumption. You can save 50% or more monthly on your energy bills. If you are planning to build homes, why not make them energy efficient.

Entire home can be completed in as little as 8-10 weeks!

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